Horror Down Under: LAKE MUNGO (2008)

Welcome to the 5th edition of Horror Down Under, a column series in which I review horror films from my home country of Australia. The purpose of this column will be that it will act as a showcase for various horror related film projects that have been made Australia in hopes that it will get you interested in checking them out for yourself. I’ll be reviewing a wide range of Aussie horror films of various quality from the excellent to the terrible, the all time classics to the latest releases to the completely forgotten, etc. For this 5th edition I delve into the independently made 2008 supernatural mockumentary LAKE MUNGO…

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Exploiting the Vault: Night Train to the Alien Zone

Digging around Exploitation.TV is fun and intriguing on its own thanks to its egalitarian treatment of sub-genres ranging from horror, smut, comedy, art-house and… other. It was also fun figuring out what would pair well together among the many varied flavors of exploitation cinema, kind of like putting together a puzzle with body parts from all sorts of unusual places.

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It’s More than Just a Movie: The Legacy of ‘The Last House on the Left’

Fear is assumed in horror. Moreover, fear is an expectation. Fear, by even the most layman filmgoer, is intrinsically tied to the definition of what a horror film is.

To broadcast to your potential audience that your film is ‘only a movie’, is to suggest something more than fear. The unnerving concern, it would seem, is that you’ll walk away… different. Changed, somehow.

That is, unless you can convince yourself that what you witnessed was simply fiction.

But, still… can you?

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From EFX to Action: Special Effects Artists in the Director’s Chair

They say that it’s hard to do more than one thing in Hollywood. If you’re known for being at least competent in one field, it’s usually difficult to convince people to give you a chance in others. There’s just too much money and too little time involved. There are always exceptions to this, however, and during the mid-1980s to the late/mid-1990s, it seemed like a concentrated group of special effects artists were merging into that fabled second thing in Hollywood: In this case, it was directing.

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Horror Down Under: THIRST (1979)

When I think of the most common sub-genres that most Australian filmmakers seem to tackle when they make a horror film, the main ones that I’ve noticed always seems to be either of the following: serial killers, supernatural, slashers, zombies, psychological and monsters. However did you notice which one was missing from that list? Vampires.

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The Zombie Chronicles: A Tribute to George A. Romero

When I was 19 I filled a large section of a college ruled notebook with a zombie epic that was as terribly written as it was derivative of other people’s work. It was cliched, hackneyed but, dammit, it was something I cared deeply about.

It was called THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES (Yah, I know…) and it was the first long form effort I had ever made in writing. I stayed in every night for months writing it. I skipped out on parties, hang outs, dates, and every imaginable teenage social obligation just to complete this novella I was so sure would catapult me to a career as a respected author.

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Horror Down Under: CUT (2000)

I think that it’s pretty safe to say that if you asked any horror fan to write down a list of horror films that they believed had the biggest impact on the genre over the pass 25 years, one of that would definitely be on there would be Wes Craven’s classic 1996 slasher film SCREAM. When you think about it, it’s not hard to understand why.

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