Short Film Showcase: Pictures

Here is another short I’ve stumbled across online that is simple and extremely effective. This short has it all; it’s well-shot, edited, scored, and keeps you on your toes. Love it. Hopefully we see more stuff from S.L. Allred.

Short Film Showcase: The Farmhouse

I watch a lot of shorts. Tons. 70% of what I watch is garbage or not effective at all. Here is a short I found online that was shot by Ryan Camp over the course of 2 hours. It looks great and sets a very eerie mood and a great payoff at the end. Filmmakers, take some notes.

Short Film Showcase: Bedfellows

Drew Daywalt is the shit. Daywalt has made so many great short films and even written kids books! Here is the first short film that I witnessed directed by Drew Daywalt and one of his best. If you’re a horror fanatic, you’ve probably seen it or have seen the popular gif that has been floating around on the internet for quite some time. Enjoy!

Short Film Showcase: Blinky

Short Film Showcase begins with Blinky! Before Max Records was in I’m Not A Serial Killer, he was in this awesome short by Ruairi Robinson (Last Days On Mars) called Blinky about a loving and helpful little robot. Enjoy!

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