Jakob’s Wife with Barbara Crampton and Travis Stevens

The gang discusses Jakob’s Wife with star Barbara Crampton and director Travis Stevens.

[PANIC FEST] Reviews, Vol. 1: Benny Loves You, Red Snow, An Ideal Host

I "attended" my very first Panic Fest via their virtual screenings this year, and I was incredibly impressed by the wide variety of films on offer, both feature-length and short. I'll be doing a collection of reviews from the fest right here, so be sure to check back!...

Workprints and Creepshows

Writer/Director/All-Around-Great-Guy Joe Lynch joins the squad to talk about the Creepshow workprint, workprints in general, Stephen Norrington, Lethal Weapon 2, Curious Dr. Hump, SxSw and so much more!


JAKOB'S WIFE TRAVIS STEVENS Pastor Jakob Fedder’s wife does have a name. Unfortunately, Anne (Barabara Crampton) suffers from Perfect Wife Syndrome. She’s a supportive force at her husband’s (Larry Fessenden) church, she works out every morning, and she makes sure her...

Swing By Tall Oaks For A Mixtape Massacre

Mixtape Massacre is an addictive board game that pits Slashers Vs. Teenagers in a horror trope filled game that’s an absolute blast.

Game creator Freddie Carlini joins Sean to discuss the Mixtape Massacre, it’s sequel Escape From Tall Oaks and the upcoming Director’s Cut version of Mixtape Massacre.


"BROADCAST SIGNAL INTRUSION" Dir. JACOB GENTRY James (Harry Shum Jr.) has a tedious job of cataloging old broadcast tapes as a video archivist, often of local news stations. One night, strange and disturbing footage of someone wearing a wig and rubber mask and using...

[SXSW] “WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED:” A New Standard in Horror Documentaries

"WOODLANDS DARK AND DAYS BEWITCHED: A HISTORY OF FOLK HORROR" KIER-LA JANISSE SEVERIN FILMS Directed, written, and produced by film scholar Kier-La Janisse (founder of The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies and author of a stack of essential film books, including...

COVID & The Kitchen Sink

We’re back, baby! The gang is officially back together on our first episode of 2021. 

Brad, Sean, Stephanie and Mike discuss what they’ve been watching and lay out a plan for 2021 domination (ok…well, podcast episodes…)

Episode Nineteen (aka Even Teens Need Passion)

Brad and Mike LOOOOOOOOOVE SOV. Film at 11.

Episode Eighteen (aka Episode One)

Come bring some pals and watch our Pay Pal purchased Franky and His Pals with us and our pals, out now from our pals at Severin Films!


[Nightmares Film Festival 2019] Day Two Recap

[Nightmares Film Festival 2019] Day Two Recap

For Friday, October 25, day two of Nightmares Film Festival was off to an early start with the first slot programmed at 9am. On little sleep our crew from Chicago made it in time for Daniel Isn't Real (2019, dir. Adam Egypt Mortimer, USA), the first feature of the...

Podcast Episodes

Episode Seventeen (aka No Habla Espanol)

Episode Seventeen (aka No Habla Espanol)

It’s INFO WARS at THESOVPOD! Brad Fuzzy Navel Henderson and Mike D. talk AGFA’s The McPherson Tape (1989), conspiracy theories, cake, and Spanish…all the while maintaining a sweet high…from the erotic chemtrails of videotape.

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