ScreamCast13: Evilspeak

This week we’re talking demon possessed pigs, satanism and computers! Of course we’re talking Scream Factory’s fantastic release of EVILSPEAK.

ScreamCast12: Final Exam

Sean, Brad and Brian discuss the impact of the “Slasher flick” and one of Scream Factory’s newest releases, Final Exam. Brian and Sean share their “Top 10 Slashers” while Brad reveals his epic “Top 50 Slashers” list.

ScreamCast11: Deadly Blessing

Religion and horror collide as we discuss Wes Craven’s Deadly Blessing with John Portanova (The Invoking). We also lay out our Top Five Wes Craven films.

ScreamCast10: Death Valley

Brian Saur joins the madness as our third official host of the show! This week we discuss the underrated thriller, Death Valley.

ScreamCast09: Night Of The Comet

Brad and Sean discuss the complexity of female friendships with Best Friends Forever director and actor Brea Grant. We also pick apart 1984’s Night Of The Comet.

ScreamCast08: The Howling

This week werewolves and torture are on our minds as we discuss Joe Dante’s The Howling with Truth Or Dare director and star Jessica Cameron.

ScreamCast07: The Slumber Party Massacre

This week, Tristan Risk helps us discuss one of the most infamous Slasher flicks of the 80s, The Slumber Party Massacre! Tristan also sheds some light on the joys of Burlesque, American Mary and her skyrocketing career in horror.

Scream Factory Presents The Summer Of Fear!

We’re about to get waist deep in Scream Factory‘s Summer Of Fear! There’s a lot of great releases coming out this summer, so we figured we’d give you a list right here. Bookmark this page because we’ll be adding pre-order links as they become available!

Motel Hell Artwork Revealed!

Scream Factory has revealed the new key art for their upcoming Collector’s Edition of the cannibalistic chainsaw-wielding slasher MOTEL HELL! The new art comes from veteran Scream Factory artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (Day of the Dead, Sleepaway Camp, The Burning, etc.)

Without Warning (1980) Coming To Blu-Ray In August!

Scream Factory’s “Summer Of Fear” is now complete with their announcement of 1980’s Without Warning! This is the first time this movie will be available in any format in the U.S. so it’s kind of a big deal.

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