Screamcast 148: These Psychos Are In Love With My Demon Wind

In our final episode of 2017 we discuss a handful of recent Vinegar Syndrome releases including DEMON WIND, PSYCHOS IN LOVE, BLOOD BEAT, PRIME EVIL and more!

Screamcast: Late Night #3

On top of our busy schedules, Brad and Sean decided to try and do a “bonus” podcast for our Patrons. Now that we ditched Patreon, we’ll be posting our bonus content here. In 2018 we’ll be launching our own Premium content channel ourselves.

Screamcast Late Night Topic: “The Killer Doll/Toy Genre”

Screamcast 147: What’s On Your Doorstep Mega Episode

Brad, Sean & Stephanie run down recent arrivals to their collections. Flicks discussed include: THE HIDDEN, THE LURE, THE UNHOLY, NIGHT OF THE SCORPION & much more!

Screamcast 144: The Slayer Is Among The Living In The Backwoods

While Brad is in Austin, TX at Fantastic Fest, BJ Colangelo, Stephanie Crawford and Sean Duregger discuss Arrow Video’s release of The Slayer! We also dive into the Shudder exclusive Among The Living (2014, directed by Inside’s Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo) and a 1988 lost-on-vhs flick Backwoods (aka The Geek)!

Screamcast 141: Let’s Get Naschy

This week Josh Obershaw and Stephanie Crawford join in on our What’s On Your Doorstep segment. Josh brings us the New Release blu-ray news & Stephanie sticks around to discuss Scream Factory’s Paul Naschy Collection release!

Screamcast 138: Bring Your Red Mob For Some Sweet Sugar

This episode Sarah Jane (@fookthis) takes a break from her Girl Gang’s #PJPajamaPartyMassacre and joins us to discuss a handful of Vinegar Syndrome releases including DOUBLE EXPOSURE, SWEET SUGAR, RED MOB, MALIBU HIGH, THE HEARSE & more! Josh Obershaw also returns with the news and we also make some time for The Back Room.

Screamcast 135: Pool Parties & Vinegar Strokes!

Grab the sunblock and gas up the weed whacker…it’s time for a POOL PARTY MASSACRE! Drew Marvick (the man responsible for all this) joins us to discuss his flick which originally had a budget of $11.

Also discussed on the show is the 2001’s VALENTINE and the 1988 made-for-tv slasher EDGE OF THE AX!

Splatcast #1: The MIRROR MIRROR Legacy

The Splathouse Podcast and The Screamcast bumped uglies and created SplatCAST! We’re hoping to do these episodes a few times a year. This episode chronicles the bizarre trajectory of 1990’s MIRROR MIRROR into a quadrilogy.

Screamcast 130: 2017 SxSw Madness!

Brad went to Austin, TX for SxSw 2017 and watched a total of 32 movies. Yes, he’s a machine. Yes, he reviews each one.

Screamcast 127: Mr. Frost Took A Silver Bullet So It Wouldn’t Stryker

This week after a lengthy What’s On Your Doorstep segment, we discuss one of Cirio H. Santiago’s best MAD MAX knock-off flicks STRYKER (1983) which is out now on blu-ray via Kino Lorber. Also, we take a look at the under appreciated Gary Busey/Corey Haim werewolf flick SILVER BULLET as well as a forgotten VHS gem starring Jeff Goldblum: MR. FROST!

ScreamCast 124: All The Sins Of Sodom Bring Death Machines and an Undertaker

The ScreamCast returns with a vengeance! Our first show of 2017 brings in Brandon & James from Vinegar Syndrome to discuss their fantastic growth in 2016, as well as what we can expect for 2017. Josh Obershaw brings us Blu-ray Release News, and Brad & Sean spend some time going over the Vinegar Syndrome December package as well as their special Black Friday Limited Edition releases: The Undertaker, All The Sins Of Sodom and Jack Frost.

ScreamCast 121: A Deathrow Gameshow Full Of Hobgoblins And Nightmare Sisters

BJ Colangelo returns just in time for our Vinegar Syndrome Extravaganza! We dive into the September & October packages to discuss HOBGOBLINS, DEATHROW GAMESHOW, 3 Linnea Quigley flicks, COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE & much more!

ScreamCast 118: In The Dead End Drive-In With Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smith joins us to talk about Arrow Video’s fantastic release of DEAD END DRIVE-IN. We also discuss his career from BMX BANDITS, HAPPY FACE MURDERS to his newest film DRIVE HARD. Also on the agenda is our What’s On Your Doorstep segment and Josh Obershaw returns with Blu-ray News!

ScreamCast 115: This Death Waltz Is Unleashing Some Mondo In Your Ears

Brad, BJ and Sean discuss recent movies to arrive on their collective doorsteps, then Brad and Sean discuss a handful of soundtracks released by Death Waltz/Mondo.

ScreamCast 112: Pete’s Cryptkeeper

This week we have a lengthy discussion about flicks that have arrived on our doorstep, Josh runs down some fantastic Arrow Video announcements and other news, then The Cryptkeeper himself, John Kassir joins us to discuss his career and his current role as Elliot in Disney’s PETE’S DRAGON (in theaters now!).

ScreamCast 109: The Psychic Killer Tornado

This week we finally cover Vinegar Syndrome’s May package including PSYCHIC KILLER (1975), Rudy Ray Moore’s THE HUMAN TORNADO (1976), plus their two “Peekarama” DVDs featuring Howard Ziehm’s HARLOT & TIJUANA BLUE, and Richard Mailer’s PHYSICAL ATTRACTION & CLASSICAL ROMANCE. Also this week, we read your emails and draw a name to win “Sean’s Big Box-o-Smut!”

ScreamCast 106: Two Killer Dames And One Creepy Boy

Brad and Sean dig into Arrow Video’s fantastic Killer Dames box set to discuss THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE and THE RED QUEEN KILLS SEVEN TIMES. Both films (directed by Emilio P. Miraglia) were released in 1972 and finally receive the treatment they deserve! Also discussed is William Brent Bell’s (Stay Alive, Wer) newest film THE BOY, which was (in our opinion) unfairly shat upon critically when it was released.

ScreamCast 103: Dolemite And His Trashy Kung-Fu Ladies

Vinegar Syndrome’s April Package has arrived on our doorsteps and we did our sleazy homework for you. Blaxploitation favorite, Dolemite makes it’s debut in HD as well as the gangster themed skin-flick, Trashy Lady. Also discussed are the DVD releases of Unveiled and probably Vinegar Syndrome’s most ambitious set ever, All Night At The PO-NO (a 12 Unit Continuous Show!).

ScreamCast 100: Inspecting Vinegar Syndrome’s March Package

After a slight hiatus, we have returned to talk about Vinegar Syndrome’s March package! The sleaze is strong with this one. PIGS, SEXWORLD, BLUE ICE and INFRASEXUM are discussed, and we also preview Vinegar Syndrome’s upcoming April package.

ScreamCast 97: Mondo Macabro & A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin

We have a packed show for you today! After Sean and BJ discuss what’s on their doorstep, Brad and Sean discuss Mondo Macabro’s release of A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin with Pete Tombs himself! We introduce a News segment with Lead Contributor to TheScreamCast.com, Josh Obershaw. Finally, BJ and Sean discuss The Hills Run Red and Crystal Force!

ScreamCast 94: Feminism and Heavy Metal With Black Roses Screenwriter Cynthia Cirile

Heavy Metal Horror continues! Week Three powers on as we sit down with Black Roses screenwriter Cynthia Sorrell and talk candidly about her career with John Fasano’s films: Zombie Nightmare, Rock And Roll Nightmare and Black Roses. We also learn a handful of surprises along the way! BJ Colangelo also returns to talk with us about Dee Snider’s Strangeland and 1981’s Terror On Tour.

ScreamCast91: Help Tex Montana Survive!

O. hannah Films (THE BATTERY guys.) needs your help to distribute their newest film Tex Montana Will Survive! If successfully funded, the one man “found footage” comedy will be distributed under Creative Commons so it can be distributed worldwide for FREE.

ScreamCast 88: Scream For Help On Your Last Shift

Anthony DiBlasi’s Last Shift appeared on many “Best Of 2015” horror lists, so Sean, Brad and BJ decide to evaluate it themselves. Does Last Shift deserve the praise it’s received? What do you think? We also dive in to 1984’s Scream For Help and 1988’s Deadly Dreams!

ScreamCast 85: The Black Cats On Route 666

This week we dig into the new Arrow Video box set The Black Cats! Two films inspired by Edgar Allan Poe with very different results by Sergio Martino and Lucio Fulci. We also dive into some Lou Diamond Phillips insanity with Route 666 and some non-horror sex comedy shenanigans with Valet Girls!

ScreamCast 82: Where My Final Girls At?

The Final Girls has gained a unique following since it’s festival runs and now more people are discovering it via VOD and a limited theatrical run. This week we have the pleasure to have a very candid discussion with screenwriters Mark Fortin and Josh Miller.

ScreamCast 79: The Great Fantastic Fest 2015 Re-cap!

Brad survived Fantastic Fest 2015…barely. This week Brad recaps his Austin, TX adventures involving amazing BBQ at The Salt Lick, experiencing Itchy-O in all it’s glory, Fantastic Debates and a TON of movies. Movies covered include: Demon, The Lobster, Bone Tomahawk, The Wave, The Green Room, The Witch and much much more!

ScreamCast 76: Student Bodies & C.H.U.Ds in an Enemy Territory

Horror-comedies were nothing new back in 1981, but Student Bodies beat (just barely) September the 14th as the first Slasher Parody to make it to theaters. This week we discuss the new Olive blu-ray of STUDENT BODIES as well as our Stream Screams pick, C.H.U.D. II; and our Vide-OMG pick, ENEMY TERRITORY!

ScreamCast 73: Wyrmwood: Mad Max Of The Dead

This week we tackle Kiah Roache-Turner’s Wyrmwood (also penned by Tristan Roache-Turner) which has recently been released by IFC Midnight & Scream Factory. Also, we discover an HD copy of April Fool’s Day (1986) and dig up yet another VHS snow-based slasher, Iced (1988)!

ScreamCast 70: I, Madman. You, Madman. We, Madmen.

It’s a double feature of Madman mayhem as we cover Scream Factory’s I, MADMAN and Vinegar Syndrome’s MADMAN! Plus, we debut two new segments: “Stream Screams” & “VHS VideOMG!” Also, stay tuned at the end of the show for a sexy BJ robot voice surprise!

ScreamCast 67: Morality Vs. The Horror Fan

Inspired by some recent feedback from some listeners deeming us not “sick and twisted” enough for them, we decided to take a different approach to this week’s podcast. We discuss how our own morality affects certain films we watch as well as what films and subjects cross the line from disturbing to offensive in regards to our own personal taste.

ScreamCast 64: Back To The Bronx With William Lustig

This week we had the distinct pleasure to speak with the man, the myth, the legend himself, William Lustig (Maniac, Vigilante, Maniac Cop). We chat about the upcoming Blue Underground releases 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS, ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX, & THE NEW BARBARIANS. Also, we dive into Lustig’s career in film restoration and running Blue Underground; one of the best exploitation cinema distribution labels currently around.

ScreamCast 61: The Fury Road Of Satan’s Blade

In a rare turn of events, we cover our first theatrical release. I mean, everyone’s talking about MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and why shouldn’t we (100% SPOILER FREE)?! Brian Saur also returns from his bed of sickness to help Sean and Brad discuss the obscure slasher SATAN’S BLADE along with a plethora of films that have arrived on our doorstep.

ScreamCast 58: Don’t Go In The Woods…Alone…Ever…I’m Serious…Don’t!

Brad and Sean have an epic “What’s On Your Doorstep” discussion followed by a return of the Vinegar Syndrome fellas to discuss their latest Blu-ray release Don’t Go In The Woods…Alone. We also give you all a chance to win some Coffee Shop Of Horrors coffee and an awesome Screamcast Mug!

ScreamCast 55: Digging Up The Mafia Style

This week Brian Saur joins us to talk Adam Green’s newest film DIGGING UP THE MARROW as well as Duke Miller’s absolutely insane MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE! We also introduce a new segment called “What’s On Your Doorstep” where we discuss some of the newest additions in our ever growing genre collections.

Screamcast 52: Exterminators Of The Mother Grabbers

This week we dip our toes into the stickiness of the Italian Post Apocalyptic Genre with Scream Factory’s release of EXTERMINATORS OF THE YEAR 3000! For those of you new to Italian Post Apocalyptic madness, Brad lists his “required viewing” so that the initiated can be brought up to speed.

ScreamCast49: Scary Afros, Scary Guns, and Scary Cars! (Blaxploitation, Part 3)

Brad and Sean wrap up Blaxploitation with a discussion about the sub-genre’s Horror entries like Blacula, Sugar Hill, JD’s Revenge and many others!

ScreamCast 46: Preserving The Naughty Bits, A Conversation With Vinegar Syndrome

This week Brad and Sean had a chance to sit down with the guys over at Vinegar Syndrome to talk Exploitation Cinema and Film Preservation. We also offer up a “Vinegar Syndrome Virgin Survival Guide” for those of you who have yet to jump into their catalog.

ScreamCast 43: The Device (2014) & The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)

John Portanova (The Invoking, The Device, Valley Of The Sasquatch) joins us to discuss all things alien! We discuss his newest film, The Device as well as Kino Lorber’s blu-ray release of The Quatermass Xperiment and our Top 10 Alien Abduction/Invastion flicks.

ScreamCast 40: To All A Goodnight (1980)

We continue on our trek through the dark side of Christmas with 1980’s To All A Goodnight! Shockingly similar to Prom Night but released a full 6 months prior, this flick wasn’t concerned about breaking new ground. Brian Saur, Brad Henderson and Sean Duregger dive into this trope-filled yet highly entertaining Santa Slasher!

ScreamCast 37: Prom Night (1980)

This week we’re talking Synapse’s fantastic PROM NIGHT release with Canuxploitation.com (@Canuxploitation) founder Paul Corupe (@paulcorupe). We also announce our partnership with OneOfUs.net (@OneOfUsNet)!

ScreamCast 34: Nightbreed (1990)

The long awaited Director’s Cut of Nightbreed is here! Sean and Brad discuss the new cut of the film and the two seperate Scream Factory editions with director and self proclaimed Nightbreed enthusiest Zach Shildwachter.

ScreamCast 31: Stagefright (1987)

We change our course from Scream Factory releases to cover Blue Underground’s blu-ray release of STAGEFRIGHT (1987). Plus, Brad names his top 10 Fantastic Fest picks.

ScreamCast 28: The Legend Of Hell House

October is creeping up on us, so what better way to transition into our favorite part of the year with a haunted house flick! This week Brad and Sean are [ … ]

ScreamCast 25: Day Of The Dead / The Incredible Melting Man

We get the opportunity to interview the great J. R. Bookwalter (The Dead Next Door, Robot Ninja) and discuss two movies that had a major influence on him as a filmmaker: Day Of The Dead and The Incredible Melting Man.

ScreamCast 22: Terror Train

We welcome the triumphant return of Brian Saur to the podcast to discuss Jamie Lee Curtis and Terror Train!

ScreamCast19: The Monkey’s Paw

This week we discuss ChillerTV’s The Monkey’s Paw with screenwriter and Blue Ruin star Macon Blair.

ScreamCast16: Night Of The Demons

Brad and Sean had the privilege to speak to the Scream Queen herself Linnea Quigley about Scream Factory’s Blu-ray release of NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, her career, and Linnea’s attempt [ … ]

ScreamCast13: Evilspeak

This week we’re talking demon possessed pigs, satanism and computers! Of course we’re talking Scream Factory’s fantastic release of EVILSPEAK.

ScreamCast10: Death Valley

Brian Saur joins the madness as our third official host of the show! This week we discuss the underrated thriller, Death Valley.

ScreamCast07: The Slumber Party Massacre

This week, Tristan Risk helps us discuss one of the most infamous Slasher flicks of the 80s, The Slumber Party Massacre! Tristan also sheds some light on the joys of Burlesque, American Mary and her skyrocketing career in horror.

ScreamCast04: Eve Of Destruction/Dark Angel (“I” Come In Peace)

This week Sean and Brad discuss the merits of Gregory Hines as a genuine action star in Eve Of Destruction, Dolph Lundgren’s best film “I” Come In Peace, and electronic cigarette etiquette.

ScreamCast01: TerrorVision/The Video Dead

Welcome to the first episode of The ScreamCast! This episode your hosts Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson dive into Scream Factory‘s double feature release of TerrorVision and The Video Dead. [ … ]