We are very lucky to meet a lot of fantastic vendors by doing this podcast. This page will act as a hub for all ScreamCast Partnerships.



Vinegar Syndrome
Twitter: @VinegarSyndrome
Facebook: facebook.com/VinegarSyndrome

Vinegar Syndrome is an exploitation film focused distribution company. We recommend you buy their monthly bundles which will save you about 40%.

Also check out their streaming service: Exploitation.tv!




Coffee Shop Of Horrors
Twitter: @CSoH
Facebook: facebook.com/CoffeeShopofHorrors

Selling frighteningly good coffee since 2007! Quiver in fear at our variety of beans from around the world (our Latin American beans are Fair Trade)! Tremble in terror when you witness our plethora of flavored coffees! Scream in horror when confronted with our certified organic tea!

Use the checkout coupon code “screamcast” and get 10% off your order.



Twitter: @GHVtampa
Facebook: facebook.com/grindhousevideotampa

Grindhouse Video is a store dedicated to the classic movies of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We also carry movies earlier and later too. We specialize in horror, sc-fi, b-movies, drive-in classics, cult classics, comedy, drama, exploitation, indie films and local films.

If you love movies that aren’t exactly mainstream, or think that movies from 20-30 years ago were better than today’s, Grindhouse Video is the place for you!


Twitter: @maintainn
Facebook: facebook.com/maintainn

If our website is down you can’t get our podcasts into your ears. That’s a problem. Maintainn helps monitor our WordPress installation 24/7 and is there for us above and beyond our Web Hosting company.


Simple Wedding Dresses

Wolfmen Of Mars
Twitter: @WolfmenOfMars
Facebook: facebook.com/WolfmenOfMars

Making music that combines the synth sounds of the 70s-80s and mixing them with heavy grooves. A soundtrack for late night driving or space travel.

Their album is currently “PAY WHAT YOU WANT” over at their Bandcamp page. GET ON IT!


short prom dresses

Inkspatters.com (The Art Of Kevin Spencer)
Twitter: @kjs609
Facebook: FB Link

Kevin Spencer was born and raised in New Jersey. After art school (The University of the Arts – Philadelphia), where he studied Animation, he realized he did not, in fact, want to be an Animator (sorry Mom and Dad) – but instead went back to doing what he grew up loving – Drawing and Painting.

 Since that realization, he has been Freelancing non-stop, doing everything from portraits to logo design to his prefered darker work in horror art. He has been published as both a magazine cover artist as well as book artist. 

 He likes to work most in Pen and Ink but also does a fair amount of Acrylic work.

Kevin Spencer answered the call when we needed someone to help us design a logo for our podcast. He’s the shit. SUPPORT HIS AWESOME ART BY BUYING ALL HIS SHIRTS & PRINTS!

*If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The ScreamCast, please Contact Us!*