Screamcast 136: The Brain Had A Brainscan That Resulted In Brain Damage

BRAAAAINS! This week we sort through a pile of movies on our doorsteps and then dive into a trifecta of brain induced mayhem! First we break our Arrow Films Blu-ray of Frank Henenlotter’s BRAIN DAMAGE (1988); then we follow Edward Furlong into some CD-ROM Horror with BRAINSCAN (1994) and finally we unearth 1988’s criminally underseen THE BRAIN. As always, Josh Obershaw runs down the latest physical media news.

Arrow Video Announces its September Lineup! SLUGS and DEAD END DRIVE-IN Coming to Blu-ray in America!

Summertime is here, which means we will be seeing home video labels announce Blu-ray releases for the Fall. The last quarter of the year is usually when we see some big stuff come out, so fans wait in anticipation throughout the summer months to find out what’ll be in stores for us as the leaves fall and the weather gets colder. Today, U.K.’s Arrow Video unveiled its release slate for the month of September, and if it’s an indication, we are going to be in for an very exciting October and beyond!

ScreamCast 106: Two Killer Dames And One Creepy Boy

Brad and Sean dig into Arrow Video’s fantastic Killer Dames box set to discuss THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE and THE RED QUEEN KILLS SEVEN TIMES. Both films (directed by Emilio P. Miraglia) were released in 1972 and finally receive the treatment they deserve! Also discussed is William Brent Bell’s (Stay Alive, Wer) newest film THE BOY, which was (in our opinion) unfairly shat upon critically when it was released.

Brad’s Top Blu-ray Releases Of 2015

We buy a lot of movies each year and even though a ton are released, only a small handful really stand out. Here are Brad’s top Blu-ray releases of 2015, full comments about each film can be heard on our Best Of 2015 podcast episode:

ScreamCast 72: It’s Not Cranberry Sauce (An Interview With Arrow Films/Video)

We’re very excited about this week’s show! First, Brad and Sean had the pleasure to speak with Arrow Films & Video Label Manager Francesco Simeoni and Marketing/Operations Executive Ewan Cant. Then, BJ returns to the proceedings to help discuss our Stream Screams pick: The Dentist (1996) & our VideOMG pick: Blood Tracks (1985)!

ScreamCast 62: The Great Arrow Video Buyer’s Guide

We have a packed show this week! First, we introduce a new co-host to the roster. BJ Colangelo (@bjcolangelo) brings some much needed class to the proceedings and has a wealth of film knowledge to bring to the table. We’re excited to have her on board! This episode we dive into Arrow Video’s new(ish) US catalog. They’ve expanded their reach from the UK to our shores and we run down most of their titles and help gauge which titles are worth shelling out your hard earned cash for. Also, we announce the winner of the Arrow UK release of Blood And Black Lace on blu-ray!

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