Screamcast 139: Bugs and Black Gloves

Alejandra Gonzalez (@sick_66) & Stephanie Crawford (@scrawfish) join us to talk some Dario Argento! We discuss THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and PHENOMENA and then attempt to list our Top 5 Argento films.

Screamcast 136: The Brain Had A Brainscan That Resulted In Brain Damage

BRAAAAINS! This week we sort through a pile of movies on our doorsteps and then dive into a trifecta of brain induced mayhem! First we break our Arrow Films Blu-ray of Frank Henenlotter’s BRAIN DAMAGE (1988); then we follow Edward Furlong into some CD-ROM Horror with BRAINSCAN (1994) and finally we unearth 1988’s criminally underseen THE BRAIN. As always, Josh Obershaw runs down the latest physical media news.

UPDATED: The Arrow US/UK October Titles Have Been Announced!

Last week, Arrow Video unveiled its UK-only titles for the month of October. If you missed out on our look at those films, you can go here. Today, the label announced the products that will be available for collectors on both sides of the Atlantic. Below is a rundown on what we’re getting:

Arrow Releasing MICROWAVE MASSACRE on Blu-ray in August

Among the U.S. releases Arrow has scheduled this August is the 1983 horror movie, MICROWAVE MASSACRE, starring comedian Jackie Vernon (the voice of FROSTY THE SNOWMAN) in his last film role.

Arrow Brings the Entire BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR AND HUMANITY Series Individually to Blu-ray

Arrow has announced its slate of Blu-ray releases for the month of August, and the highlight for this month is the epic Japanese crime drama saga that begins with BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR AND HUMANITY. The five films in the series will be released individually in the UK on August 8th and in America on August 9th.


Arrow Video just announced that they’ll be releasing to both Dual format in the UK and Blu-ray in the US RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES. A sequel to the 1978 cult classic, ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES, this comedy-horror fave features appearances from John Astin (from TV’s THE ADDAMS FAMILY) and a young George Clooney.

ScreamCast 72: It’s Not Cranberry Sauce (An Interview With Arrow Films/Video)

We’re very excited about this week’s show! First, Brad and Sean had the pleasure to speak with Arrow Films & Video Label Manager Francesco Simeoni and Marketing/Operations Executive Ewan Cant. Then, BJ returns to the proceedings to help discuss our Stream Screams pick: The Dentist (1996) & our VideOMG pick: Blood Tracks (1985)!

ScreamCast 62: The Great Arrow Video Buyer’s Guide

We have a packed show this week! First, we introduce a new co-host to the roster. BJ Colangelo (@bjcolangelo) brings some much needed class to the proceedings and has a wealth of film knowledge to bring to the table. We’re excited to have her on board! This episode we dive into Arrow Video’s new(ish) US catalog. They’ve expanded their reach from the UK to our shores and we run down most of their titles and help gauge which titles are worth shelling out your hard earned cash for. Also, we announce the winner of the Arrow UK release of Blood And Black Lace on blu-ray!

ScreamCast 55: Digging Up The Mafia Style

This week Brian Saur joins us to talk Adam Green’s newest film DIGGING UP THE MARROW as well as Duke Miller’s absolutely insane MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE! We also introduce a new segment called “What’s On Your Doorstep” where we discuss some of the newest additions in our ever growing genre collections.

Arrow Video Releases Details Of Their North American Expansion

Arrow Films has given us a few more details about their North American launch in 2015. Here is all the details we have so far regarding their planned titles: first, we’lll see the North American Blu-ray premieres of Mark of the Devil on 17th March, followed by Blind Woman’s Curse on 24th March and Day […]

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