Disc of the Week: THE EXORCIST III

It’s been a hard go for EXORCIST fans throughout the years. After the original film arrived on the scene and delivered one of the most terrifying efforts in horror history, EXORCIST II appeared on screen and was instantly reviled. 13 years later, THE EXORCIST III came out to little fanfare and middling reviews following studio interference in the editing room. During the horror boom of the 2000s it appeared that the series was coming back in a big way with Paul Schrader’s prequel. Instead, after much studio meddling, we were eventually given not one, but two subpar prequels. Luckily it appears that 2016 will be the year when history is rewritten on THE EXORCIST franchise. The initially scoffed at Fox TV series based on the first film has been seeing surprising support from both critics and genre fans alike. We are also finally being treated to the original cut of THE EXORCIST III (titled LEGION) for the first time ever. Like HALLOWEEN III, this sequel has been growing a cult steadily over the last few decades and now is seen as something of a minor modern classic. I’m sure the esteem of the film will grow more once people get their hands on William Peter Blatty’s original vision.

ScreamCast 114: It Gets Weird Down In Der Bunker

This week we are honored to sit down with Nikias Chryssos, director of the gleefully weird film DER BUNKER. DER BUNKER is out on blu-ray right now via Artsploitation Films. Also, Sean and Brad sort through the piles of movies that have arrived on their doorstep, Sean gets distracted with Dungeons And Dragons, and Josh Obershaw runs down recent news.

Disc of the Week: ASH VS EVIL DEAD

For 22 years fans waited to see Bruce Campbell reprise his iconic role of Ashley J. Williams following the theatrical release of ARMY OF DARKNESS. The early days of horror fandom on the internet were filled with rumors of when we might finally see the return of Ash in a fourth EVIL DEAD film. All seemed lost when the team behind the classic trilogy (writer/director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert, and Campbell) put their money on remaking THE EVIL DEAD in 2013 as opposed to following up the original continuity. And while the remake was filled with more blood and violence than almost every horror film made in the ’90s combined, it just wasn’t the same without Raimi steering the ship and Campbell playing Ash.

DER BUNKER Coming to DVD, Blu-ray, and Vimeo From Artsploitation Films.

Arriving on home video from Artsploitation Films is the black comedy DER BUNKER, the feature-length debut of filmmaker, Nikias Chryssos. The film will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on August 26th, along with exclusive streaming on Vimeo. You can pre-order at GrindhouseVideo.com right now! It will be available on other VOD outlets starting December 6th.

Disc of the Week: ROAD GAMES (1981)

Originally released on DVD in the States by Anchor Bay and out of print for nearly a decade, Richard Franklin’s ROAD GAMES (1981) is given new life on disc thanks to Australian outfit Umbrella Entertainment. While you will still need to pay for some extra shipping to import the disc, according to Umbrella’s website this release is region free. I own their previous release of RAZORBACK and that indeed plays fine on region A players, so you should feel safe ordering this edition if you’re in the U.S.

Artsploitation Films to Release OBSERVANCE to Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD

  Artsploitation Films have announced the release details of the psychological thriller OBSERVANCE. The directorial debut of filmmaker Joseph Sims-Dennett, the film stars Lindsay Farris and Stephanie King. Synopsis: Atmospherically creepy and visually unnerving, Joseph Sims-Dennett’s startling feature film debut follows Parker, a young man in the grip of grief following the death of his […]

Artsploitation Film’s THE PERFECT HUSBAND Coming to Blu-ray and DVD!

  Artsploitation Films have announced that they will be releasing the film THE PERFECT HUSBAND on Blu-ray, DVD, and Video-On-Demand. Directed by Lucas Pavetto (based on his short film Il Marito Perfectto), THE PERFECT HUSBAND stars Gabriella Wright and Bret Roberts. Here’s the synopsis: This terrifying psychological horror film follows Viola (Gabriella Wright) and Nicola […]

ScreamCast 66: Tentacle Love (An Interview With Spring’s Benson & Moorhead)

Blood, tentacles and true love are in the air! This week we had the pleasure to sit down with Spring directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. We discuss their film as well as some of their upcoming projects. Also, we’ve extended our contest drawing another week! Listen for details!

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