Screamcast 134: The Killer Nuns & Drive-In Massacres Of Severin Films

We cover a handful of recent releases by Severin Films! Wild Beasts, Drive-In Massacre, The Survivor, Cathy’s Curse, Dark Waters, The Other Hell, Dream Stalker and Death By Love.

Details on Severin’s CATHY’S CURSE Blu-ray Finally Revealed!

Shock Till You Drop broke the first details on one of the most anticipated retro horror releases of 2017: the 1977 Canadian shocker, CATHY’S CURSE. Announced a few months ago, Severin Films will release a 2k restoration to Blu-ray and DVD on April 11th!

Severin Announces CATHY’S CURSE Coming to Blu-ray!!!

In celebration of Severin Films’ first 10 years, David Gregory and Carl Daft appeared on this morning’s episode of the Shock Waves podcast (over at In addition to delving into the their history with William Lustig and Anchor Bay Entertainment, the origins of Severin, and the upcoming Blu-ray of DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D., the duo also dropped a bombshell of an announcement: Severin has acquired the 1977 horror film, CATHY’S CURSE, and a Blu-ray release is forthcoming!

Kiddie Killers

Kids are fucking creepy and that’s something we can all admit whether we have children or not. There have been many instances with me where my daughter, or kids around me, have scared the living shit out me. Everything from their drawings, sleep talking, and just the weird shit they say and do.

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