Barbara Crampton Joins the New PUPPET MASTER Movie!

  Yesterday, a legendary horror actor announced she’s hopping aboard a legendary horror film series. Barbara Crampton (RE-ANIMATOR, BEYOND THE GATES) took to Twitter to share her excitement in joining the cast of the next movie in the long-running PUPPET MASTER franchise!     As you can see from the post, the next installment of […]

CREEPOZOIDS Coming to Blu-ray This Spring!

Looks like we’re getting even more Linnea Quigley on Blu-ray!

Director David DeCoteau took to Facebook to announce there will be a Blu-ray release of his 1987 sci-fi/horror flick for Empire Pictures, CREEPOZOIDS

Two Strange Cases of DR. STRANGE Coming to Home Video.

With the next Marvel Studios picture, DOCTOR STRANGE, hitting theaters in November, it’s no surprise older film versions featuring the Sorcerer Supreme would be seeing home video releases in order to capitalize. These are some oddball early examples of superhero film-making for those die-hard comic book film fans and those who are merely curious.

Scream Factory Announces METALSTORM: THE DESTRUCTION OF JARED-SYN on Blu-ray!

Scream Factory has been on a roll with their sci-fi releases. Some fans may not like it, but just looking at what they’ve put out on Blu-ray already, from classics like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and MAD MAX to flicks such as ROBOT JOX, CLASS OF 1984, and R.O.T.O.R., you have a sense of what kind of science fiction fare Scream Factory seek out. Most, if not all, are low-budget and dystopian, some are exploitation, and some have horror elements. While it may not be to the purists’ liking, I think it’s awesome that Scream Factory opened its arms to these kind of drive-in/VHS sci-fi pictures and gave them a place of preservation.

ScreamCast 42: Tales From The Crypt (1972), The Vault Of Horror (1973) & Trancers (1984)

Brad, Sean and Brian put a cap on 2014 with their “Top 10 Horror Blu-ray Releases of 2014.” A little Christmas is still injected into the conversation as they discuss Scream Factory’s Tales From The Crypt & Vault Of Horror double feature, as well as Full Moon’s release of Trancers!

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