Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday Buying Guide (4th Edition)

Each year during Black Friday, Vinegar Syndrome does a huge sale on their catalogue and they always have something up their sleeves. They have killer deals on their back catalogue, Exploitation TV, Limited Edition films, and most of all their monthly packages. Needless to say, there is something in there for any film fanatic. That said, if you are newer to Vinegar Syndrome it can be a little overwhelming because their catalogue grows excessively each year and you can find yourself in a rabbit hole of never ending sleaze. For our veterans, you already know the titles and have ventured out yourselves and dove into many films that were new to you and took a chance on them.

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Vinegar Syndrome’s Black Friday Buying Guide

Naturally buying each and every release would be your best move but for most that isn’t possible. If you are new to Vinegar Syndrome or even if you are familiar with them, their catalogue can be a little overwhelming at times. Being they release the weird and obscure you may not want to take that shot at a blind buy in fear of it being a bad movie. Well, I’m here to help you pick and choose and hopefully be the one that whispers in your ear quietly “Do it.”

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I’ll admit, diving into Exploitation.TV can be a little overwhelming because there is an abundance of films that are virtually unknown. Even with some of the biggest cinephiles there is a plethora of films that are completely new to us. Hell, even I get on there and scroll through and get stuck on searching through their catalogue.

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ScreamCast 46: Preserving The Naughty Bits, A Conversation With Vinegar Syndrome

This week Brad and Sean had a chance to sit down with the guys over at Vinegar Syndrome to talk Exploitation Cinema and Film Preservation. We also offer up a “Vinegar Syndrome Virgin Survival Guide” for those of you who have yet to jump into their catalog.

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ScreamCast 39: Raw Force (1982) & Christmas Evil (1980)

We welcome in the Christmas season by discussing Lewis Jackson’s CHRISTMAS EVIL, but not before taking a slight detour into the South China Sea with the Burbank Kung Fu Club and 1982’s WTF-opus RAW FORCE! Brian Saur returns from his hiatus to join in on the ridiculous conversation. We also share our favorite Christmas Film Traditions.

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