It’s More than Just a Movie: The Legacy of ‘The Last House on the Left’

Fear is assumed in horror. Moreover, fear is an expectation. Fear, by even the most layman filmgoer, is intrinsically tied to the definition of what a horror film is.

To broadcast to your potential audience that your film is ‘only a movie’, is to suggest something more than fear. The unnerving concern, it would seem, is that you’ll walk away… different. Changed, somehow.

That is, unless you can convince yourself that what you witnessed was simply fiction.

But, still… can you?

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Screamcast 131: All Up In Our Vinegar Syndrome

This week Brad, BJ and Sean cover the past 3 months of Vinegar Syndrome insanity! The following films are discussed (in no particular order): Witchtrap, Slaughterhouse, Blood Mania, Point Of Terror, Babyface, China Girl, Don’t Answer The Phone, Blue Money. Josh Obershaw also runs down some upcoming releases.

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ScreamCast 121: A Deathrow Gameshow Full Of Hobgoblins And Nightmare Sisters

BJ Colangelo returns just in time for our Vinegar Syndrome Extravaganza! We dive into the September & October packages to discuss HOBGOBLINS, DEATHROW GAMESHOW, 3 Linnea Quigley flicks, COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE & much more!

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ScreamCast 109: The Psychic Killer Tornado

This week we finally cover Vinegar Syndrome’s May package including PSYCHIC KILLER (1975), Rudy Ray Moore’s THE HUMAN TORNADO (1976), plus their two “Peekarama” DVDs featuring Howard Ziehm’s HARLOT & TIJUANA BLUE, and Richard Mailer’s PHYSICAL ATTRACTION & CLASSICAL ROMANCE. Also this week, we read your emails and draw a name to win “Sean’s Big Box-o-Smut!”

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Henenlotter’s THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! Doc Coming to Blu-ray from Severin

Severin Films and Something Weird Video are teaming up for the Blu-ray release of THAT’S SEXPLOITATION!, the 2013 documentary from director Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE, FRANKENHOOKER). The film was co-produced by the late founder of Something Weird, Mike Vraney.

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I’ll admit, diving into Exploitation.TV can be a little overwhelming because there is an abundance of films that are virtually unknown. Even with some of the biggest cinephiles there is a plethora of films that are completely new to us. Hell, even I get on there and scroll through and get stuck on searching through their catalogue.

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ScreamCast 74: is here! A Vinegar Syndrome Interview.

Today our friends over at Vinegar Syndrome launch their long anticipated! That’s right folks, your very own personal collection of smut, trash, horror and oddities…right at your fingertips for your midnight viewing pleasure. We can hardly contain our excitement! Brad and Sean sit down with Brandon Upson & James Neurath of Vinegar Syndrome to discuss the long road to!

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ScreamCast47: Big Afros, Big Cars and Big Guns (Blaxploitation, Part 1)

In honor of Black History Month, Sean and Brad begin a month long look into the Blaxploitation phenomenon of the 1970s. This week we lay the groundwork by discussing the explosion of Blaxploitation Cinema once Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song was unleashed by legend Melvin Van Peebles. Other films discussed are Cotton Comes To Harlem, Superfly and Shaft.

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