Screamcast 136: The Brain Had A Brainscan That Resulted In Brain Damage

BRAAAAINS! This week we sort through a pile of movies on our doorsteps and then dive into a trifecta of brain induced mayhem! First we break our Arrow Films Blu-ray of Frank Henenlotter’s BRAIN DAMAGE (1988); then we follow Edward Furlong into some CD-ROM Horror with BRAINSCAN (1994) and finally we unearth 1988’s criminally underseen THE BRAIN. As always, Josh Obershaw runs down the latest physical media news.

BRAIN DAMAGE is Coming to Blu-ray in May!

Arrow Video just revealed the slate of home video releases set for the month of May. And the big news is that the label are issuing Frank Hennenlotter’s 1988 film, BRAIN DAMAGE, on Blu-ray

Discs of the Week: BASKET CASE 2 & 3

Frank Henenlotter’s BASKET CASE is a prime slice of sleazy exploitation goodness from the early ’80s. The tone of the series changed when the filmmaker returned to the story of formerly conjoined twins Duane and Belial almost a decade later. These sequels sport a more humorous vibe than the original, treating the various monstrosities that the Bradley twins come across more as goofy creatures than sources of terror. I myself prefer the tone of the original, but both of these sequels have merit. The residents of Granny Ruth’s “House of Freaks” are brought to life by expert makeup FX from Gabe Bartalos and they’re front and center in each follow-up. Henenlotter has always been hard on the third film, but I find it to be even more enjoyable than 2. The film perfects the previous installment’s creature design and also features the series’ best scene in an action-packed jailbreak.

BASKET CASE 2 and 3 Coming to Blu-ray From Synapse!

We’ve had Frank Henenlotter’s 1982 cult classic, BASKET CASE, on Blu-ray for a while now (2011 to be precise), but what about the two inspired sequels that Henenlotter made in the early 90s? Well, BASKET CASE fans have cause for celebration. Synapse Films will be releasing 1990s BASKET CASE 2 and 1992’s BASKET CASE 3: THE PROGENY to Blu-ray on August 9th. The first sequel will be presented “in a beautiful high-definition transfer from the original 35mm camera negative, ” while the second’s high-definition transfer will be “from original 35mm vault materials.” In addition, both Blu-rays will be Region-Free!!!

Henenlotter’s THAT’S SEXPLOITATION! Doc Coming to Blu-ray from Severin

Severin Films and Something Weird Video are teaming up for the Blu-ray release of THAT’S SEXPLOITATION!, the 2013 documentary from director Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE, FRANKENHOOKER). The film was co-produced by the late founder of Something Weird, Mike Vraney.

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