The Zombie Chronicles: A Tribute to George A. Romero

When I was 19 I filled a large section of a college ruled notebook with a zombie epic that was as terribly written as it was derivative of other people’s work. It was cliched, hackneyed but, dammit, it was something I cared deeply about.

It was called THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES (Yah, I know…) and it was the first long form effort I had ever made in writing. I stayed in every night for months writing it. I skipped out on parties, hang outs, dates, and every imaginable teenage social obligation just to complete this novella I was so sure would catapult me to a career as a respected author.

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CREEPSHOW Making-of Doc Getting Its Own Blu-ray Release in the U.S.!

CREEPSHOW, the 1982 horror anthology film, is an undeniable classic. A delightfully-wicked tribute to 1950s horror comics from two masters, director George Romero and the legendary Stephen King, that has gone on to be loved by generations of fans. So, it’s kind of frustrating that Warner Bros. have only released a bare-bones DVD and Blu-ray of CREEPSHOW here in the States. In the UK, a two-disc special edition DVD and a Blu-ray contain a host of special features, including a feature-length documentary produced by Red Shirt Pictures called JUST DESSERTS: THE MAKING OF CREEPSHOW. The only way American fans could see that doc was to buy an import disc and watch it on a region-free player.

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ScreamCast 38: Monkey Shines (1988) & The Dark Half (1993)

Once upon a time, George A. Romero worked with Orion Pictures. The first outing proved disastrous at the box office and was riddled with studio tinkering, the second didn’t do much better. Thus our hero went back to the land of things more independent. This week Sean and Brad dive into George A. Romero’s adaptations of Monkey Shines and The Dark Half. Do they hold up as films or mere curiosities? Both are out on Blu-ray courtesy of Scream Factory.

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