Screamcast 139: Bugs and Black Gloves

Alejandra Gonzalez (@sick_66) & Stephanie Crawford (@scrawfish) join us to talk some Dario Argento! We discuss THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE and PHENOMENA and then attempt to list our Top 5 Argento films.

Arrow Announces June Titles! The Return of Argento’s THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE!

  Today, Arrow Video revealed their slate of releases for the month of June. It’s a lighter load than usual, but the highlight of the bunch more than makes up for it. Street-dated for June 19th and 20th in the UK and North America (respectively) is the return to Blu-ray of Dario Argento’s classic directorial […]

The Case of 22 Neo-Giallos Laying In The Red Silk Midnight With Bloodstained Orchids and Laughing Windows

Giallo is a dying genre. It was never really successful by any means, but it did gain a huge cult following, inspiring countless filmmakers, and cinematographers around the globe. One of the main reasons the genre died, in my opinion, was because no one tried to reinvent it, leading to a constant barrage of black gloved killers with a Goblin or Goblin-esque score. There wasn’t anything wrong with that by any means, but it’s one of the reasons why the genre went away. You could even say the same thing for the slasher genre…

Synapse Announces Wide Blu-ray Release of TENEBRAE!

For those of you who were unable to get the limited Steelbook edition Blu-ray of Dario Argento’s 1982 giallo, TENEBRAE, earlier this year, there’s good news. Synapse has just announced they will be releasing the film as a single disc edition for wide release. Coming to both Blu-ray and DVD, TENEBRAE will be available on September 13th

ScreamCast 106: Two Killer Dames And One Creepy Boy

Brad and Sean dig into Arrow Video’s fantastic Killer Dames box set to discuss THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE and THE RED QUEEN KILLS SEVEN TIMES. Both films (directed by Emilio P. Miraglia) were released in 1972 and finally receive the treatment they deserve! Also discussed is William Brent Bell’s (Stay Alive, Wer) newest film THE BOY, which was (in our opinion) unfairly shat upon critically when it was released.

88 Films Putting Together Lamberto Bava’s BODY PUZZLE for Blu-ray

88 Films announced another addition to their Italian Collection. They’re prepping a Blu-ray release of the 1992 giallo film, BODY PUZZLE, directed by Lamberto Bava (DEMONS).

Arrow U.S. Bringing Bava’s BLOOD AND BLACK LACE to Blu-ray!

Arrow Video has announced a slew of releases for the U.S. market for release in July. The big announcement was that Mario Bava’s classic 1964 thriller, BLOOD AND BLACK LACE, will be arriving on American shelves in both a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and a Blu-ray Steelbook.

ScreamCast 77: The Editor and the Full-frontal Assault of Astron-6

With the release of THE EDITOR, AStron-6 is quickly rising to the top of the “DROP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND WATCH THEIR SHIT!!” list. Today we are discussing The Editor (out now on Blu-ray via Scream Factory) and Astron-6’s commitment to bring male frontal nudity into the forefront of respectable modern cinema.

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