Two Strange Cases of DR. STRANGE Coming to Home Video.

With the next Marvel Studios picture, DOCTOR STRANGE, hitting theaters in November, it’s no surprise older film versions featuring the Sorcerer Supreme would be seeing home video releases in order to capitalize. These are some oddball early examples of superhero film-making for those die-hard comic book film fans and those who are merely curious.

Terror Translated: From “Herbert West- Re-Animator” to RE-ANIMATOR

Ever since the early days of cinema, literature has been the basis for movies. The silent era brought us the first filmed versions of famous horror novels such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Ever since then, there have been tons of films based on an already-existing source material, with varying degrees of quality. Whether they’re faithful or way off-base, adaptations are always interesting. Unlike literature, film employs more than one creative mind, from producers to screenwriters to directors to actors, and they usually have different ideas of how to adapt a written work into short, snappy visual entertainment. The results, good or bad, are fun to examine.

Arrow Video Announces April US Titles Including BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and THE STUFF!

If this week is any indication, 2016 is shaping up to be another great year for Blu-ray collectors. UK’s Arrow Video wowed fans today with the announcement of two classic titles set for release here in America this April.

ScreamCast 83: A Demonoid and a Horror Star Walk Into A Bar On A Nightmare Weekend

A demonic hand, a puppet controlled operating system, and a horror icon returning from the grave to kill! We discuss what could be the best triple feature in the history of cinema with Vinegar Syndrome/Exploitation.TV’s releases of Nightmare Weekend, Demonoid and Frightmare! Plus, Stream Screams returns with Ghost In The Machine and Video-OMG features John Stamos firing on all cylinders in Too Young To Die.

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