Mornings Are For Spoilers and Speculations

Since the proliferation of the Internet and 24 hour news networks, we are finding the ever growing glut of information thrust at us about the media we consume. Long gone are just rumors and set visits being the only way we got sneak peeks into the movies and TV shows we were anticipating. Now, any Joe off the street is able to get a stealthily shot photo online, or a tidbit about a certain actor throwing a fit while on set within minutes. Yes, we are bombarded by this data, but do we need it, or more importantly, do we want it?

Two Strange Cases of DR. STRANGE Coming to Home Video.

With the next Marvel Studios picture, DOCTOR STRANGE, hitting theaters in November, it’s no surprise older film versions featuring the Sorcerer Supreme would be seeing home video releases in order to capitalize. These are some oddball early examples of superhero film-making for those die-hard comic book film fans and those who are merely curious.

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