Buttgereit’s Legacy: Sex, Murder, Art

Corpse fucking art. It’s a hell of catch phrase but it’s exactly what it sounds like and, the hyperbolic aspect of it aside, it’s the perfect tagline for one of genre cinema’s most unique voices, Jorg Buttgereit. Launching his career in Berlin during a period where explicit cinema — both of the pornographic and violent nature — was actively sought out and censored, Buttgereit pushed and outright transgressed the boundaries. If the the line for acceptability lay right before ahead of his reach, his work desired not only to cross it but to lap it. The resulting effort was not a series of gross out, empty films (as some may like to describe them) but a cohesive, if not always successful, body of work who’s value cannot be denied. Though we may lament that his brand of cinema has gone on to influence a great deal of mediocre (and sometimes downright horrendous) films, Buttgereit, himself, is a figure of great importance.

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