2017 Melbourne International Film Festival Recap: Week 1

Welcome to the 1st edition of a two part article series in which I’ll be doing mini-reviews for some of the films that I saw recently at the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival (or MIFF for short as it is also goes by). For those out there who don’t know what it is, MIFF is one of Australia’s biggest and most prestigious film festivals that my adoptive home town of Melbourne celebrates every year. Over the course of 18 days (the festival was held between from August 3rd to the 20th this year) MIFF showcased over 358 films of all different types ranging from many countries from around the world. This year was my 6th time attending the festival and it was without a doubt my biggest one so far.

SXSW Daily Recap: Day 5

Each day at SXSW I’ll post a brief rundown, in chronological order, of the screenings from the previous day. For most of the films at SXSW, ballots are issued so that the films can be rated on a scale of one to five. You’re not able to give a half point rating (e.g. 3.5), so […]

SXSW Review: The Archer

As a kid watching films you normally didn’t analyze anything while sitting there. If you did read into it, you didn’t over analyze it. Re-watching some of these films as an adult, you can see their flaws or how ridiculous they may be. Of course you can give your suspension of disbelief but that can only go so far. The biggest thing that I look for is logic and if it doesn’t have that, it’s hard to give me suspension of disbelief.

Nekromantik [Blu-ray Review, Cult Epics]

What I found with my experience was that Nekromantic wasn’t so much a grotesque exploration in gross-out and sexual depravity. I found a misunderstood dark romantic comedy of sorts.

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