Screamcast 134: The Killer Nuns & Drive-In Massacres Of Severin Films

We cover a handful of recent releases by Severin Films! Wild Beasts, Drive-In Massacre, The Survivor, Cathy’s Curse, Dark Waters, The Other Hell, Dream Stalker and Death By Love.

Severin Serves Up Some Nunsploitation with DARK WATERS and THE OTHER HELL Blu-rays. In time for Easter, Too!

Today, Rue Morgue broke not only the details on that bit of nunsploitation, but also another one, Mariano Baino’s 1993 movie, DARK WATERS. Both films will hit Blu-ray shelves on April 11th, five days before Easter. That’s hilarious. And awesome.

Details on Severin’s CATHY’S CURSE Blu-ray Finally Revealed!

Shock Till You Drop broke the first details on one of the most anticipated retro horror releases of 2017: the 1977 Canadian shocker, CATHY’S CURSE. Announced a few months ago, Severin Films will release a 2k restoration to Blu-ray and DVD on April 11th!

Screamcast 125: 8 Million Ways To Die Of Murderlust

This week we dissect Intervision’s newest DVD release of Donald M. Jones’ MURDERLUST and PROJECT NIGHTMARE! We also bring back VHS OMG with a discussion on the bonkers 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE (apparently out on Blu-ray via Kino this summer!). Also, RAIDERS OF ATLANTIS makes its way into our Stream Screams segment and Josh Obershaw brings the Blu-ray release news.

ScreamCast 120: Burial Grounds, Parking Garages & Fake Pet Snakes

This week Sean and Brad discuss Severin’s release of BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHT OF TERROR (1981). Also, we bring back two favorite segments: Stream Screams & VHS: OH MY GOD!

Disc of the Week: THE EXORCIST III

It’s been a hard go for EXORCIST fans throughout the years. After the original film arrived on the scene and delivered one of the most terrifying efforts in horror history, EXORCIST II appeared on screen and was instantly reviled. 13 years later, THE EXORCIST III came out to little fanfare and middling reviews following studio interference in the editing room. During the horror boom of the 2000s it appeared that the series was coming back in a big way with Paul Schrader’s prequel. Instead, after much studio meddling, we were eventually given not one, but two subpar prequels. Luckily it appears that 2016 will be the year when history is rewritten on THE EXORCIST franchise. The initially scoffed at Fox TV series based on the first film has been seeing surprising support from both critics and genre fans alike. We are also finally being treated to the original cut of THE EXORCIST III (titled LEGION) for the first time ever. Like HALLOWEEN III, this sequel has been growing a cult steadily over the last few decades and now is seen as something of a minor modern classic. I’m sure the esteem of the film will grow more once people get their hands on William Peter Blatty’s original vision.

DVD Review: Phobe The Xenophobic Experiments

$250 can’t get you a hell of a lot these days. But Erica Benedikty didn’t let that stop her from making a feature length Sci-Fi flick inspired by many ’80s era genre romps. Using $250 of her own money, friends, volunteers and donated items and locations, Erica pulled through with a feature length sci-fi film of her own: PHOBE (you know…short for Xenophobe).

Severin’s Blu-ray of BURIAL GROUND Coming Out Oct. 25th! Bundle Pack Now Up for Pre-Order!

Announced earlier this year, Severin Film’s Blu-ray of BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHTS OF TERROR is set for release on October 25th! The disc will have a 2K restoration of Andrea Bianchi’s 1981 Italian zombie cult classic, as well as new bonus features, which we’ll get to on the next episode of The ScreamCast. But the good news doesn’t end there, as Severin are giving fans of this, the most bat-shit weird of the early-80s zombie flicks from Italy, something extra special.

Rumor Alert: Are Severin Releasing BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW on Blu-ray?!

This is just pure speculation at this point, so don’t take this as anything concrete.

Severin posted a photo of actress Linda Hayden taken from the set of the 1971 British horror movie, BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW, with the caption: “Who’s this angel?”

ScreamCast 110: Dr. Butcher’s Crimes Of Passion Put A Cat In A Brain

This week we bring you an epic episode! First, BJ joins Sean to discuss what’s arrived on her doorstep. Then,’s Mike Sandlin joins Sean and Brad to discuss Ken Russell’s CRIMES OF PASSION, Lucio Fulci’s CAT IN THE BRAIN and Severin’s restoration of DR BUTCHER MD.

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