ScreamCast 124: All The Sins Of Sodom Bring Death Machines and an Undertaker

The ScreamCast returns with a vengeance! Our first show of 2017 brings in Brandon & James from Vinegar Syndrome to discuss their fantastic growth in 2016, as well as what we can expect for 2017. Josh Obershaw brings us Blu-ray Release News, and Brad & Sean spend some time going over the Vinegar Syndrome December package as well as their special Black Friday Limited Edition releases: The Undertaker, All The Sins Of Sodom and Jack Frost.

Disc of the Week: ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976)

There are certain distribution companies that you always keep on eye on. For imports from the UK it always comes down to two for me: Arrow Video and Second Sight Films. Now Second Sight may not have the monthly output of Arrow, but you can rest assured that whatever they put on disc will be a stellar release. They first came to my attention with their RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD Blu. That disc is still my go to release of the film to watch as it’s the only place worldwide to hear the original theatrical soundtrack. Since then other highlights from the company have included the BASKET CASE TRILOGY, STREETS OF FIRE, and SUPER MARIO BROS. Try holding your breath and waiting for Disney to release that last one in a special edition here in the States.


Scream Factory joins the limited edition direct sale distribution game popularized by Twilight Time with this sword and sorcery double feature. The first two installments of Roger Corman’s Deathstalker series make their high-def debuts in this set which is only available from and is limited to just 1,000 units. Scream Factory is using this release along with four more coming on September 27th (UP FROM THE DEPTHS, MESSAGE FROM SPACE, THE VELVET VAMPIRE, and TIME WALKER) to gauge interest in Blu-ray releases of some of the more obscure titles in their library. If these discs do well, we could see HD upgrades for other films from their now defunct Roger Corman’s Cult Classics line or other titles with less wide appeal than a CARRIE or CHILD’S PLAY.

Vinegar Syndrome Announces August Release Slate! Pre-Order Monthly Package Now and Get 30% Off!!!!

  Our sponsors at Vinegar Syndrome have been teasing their line-up of Blu-ray and DVD releases for the month of August. got first wind of two of the highlights of this batch of films: Rudy Ray Moore’s final 70s feature, THE DISCO GODFATHER, and the 1985 horror flick, EVILS OF THE NIGHT. Now, the all […]

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