Horror Down Under: THIRST (1979)

Welcome to the 4th edition of Horror Down Under, a column series in which I review horror films from my home country of Australia. The purpose of this column will be that it will act as a showcase for various horror related film projects that have been made Australia in hopes that it will get […]


Lately, the best aspect about being a movie fan for me is throwing myself into a film I have zero knowledge of. A lot of what’s pushed at the multiplexes rely so much on name recognition, it’s becoming difficult to be surprised by a movie. That’s why, when it comes to an original film, especially one in the indie circles, I prefer to go into it knowing nothing about it. I avoid trailers, synopsis, etc. It’s truly reinvigorated that sensation of discovering movies, and the latest case for me is THE TRANSFIGURATION.

Not Your Father’s Vampires

What’s the most terrifying premise for a vampire story? Countless vampire films have a climactic scene where the sun is coming up and a survivor of the previous night’s carnage pulls back a curtain (or shoots holes in the walls) to expose the undead assailant to sunlight. Vampire ‘splodes, movie over, and all they had to do was hold out until morning (not so easy in its own right). But what if there wasn’t the seemingly obligatory reprieve of daybreak? What if our hero had to hold on for a month instead of a night?

Jess Franco’s DRACULA’S DAUGHTER Coming to Blu-ray From Redemption!

It seems like with every Jess Franco film that comes out on Blu-ray, the legacy of this Spanish director continues to reach new audiences. And the next film in his extensive body of work that will get the hi-def treatment will be 1972’s DRACULA’S DAUGHTER (AKA LA FILLE DE DRACULA). Redemption Films will release the Blu-ray on October 4th.

ScreamCast 84: Roar Of The Vampires On Mulholland Dr

This week we’re all over the map as we take a look at the Drafthouse Films/Olive release of the insane ROAR, then we try to analyze Lynch’s Mulholland Dr (out now via Criterion) and finally we love us some vampire ass kicking with James Woods on Twilight Time’s newest horror offering, John Carpenter’s Vampires! Plus, we dive into the sequels of The Return Of The Living Dead (Yuzna4lyfe!).

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