Vestron Video Announces THE WARLOCK COLLECTION!!!

We had heard word that Lionsgate were going to be releasing Steve Miner’s 1989 film, WARLOCK, to Blu-ray as part of the Vestron Video Collector’s Series, but Bloody-Disgusting posted some even better news today: Vestron officially announced that they will be issuing all three movies in HD as THE WARLOCK COLLECTION!

Vestron Video News: WISHMASTER Series is Next!

  It looks like PHANTASM is not the only fan-favorite horror franchise getting the collection treatment this Spring. Per, Vestron Video has announced that it will be bringing all four installments of the WISHMASTER series to Blu-ray in one volume. The set is scheduled for release on March 28th, the same day Well Go […]


THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is one of my favorite horror films of all time. Top 5. Top 2 probably. In fact, it was my first Disc of the Week ever last July. Unfortunately the series has been a bumpy road to travel ever since. PART II scrubbed the series of its nihilistic punk aesthetic and turned it into a kiddie comedy. It has some fans, I am not one of them. NECROPOLIS and RAVE TO THE GRAVE, the fourth and fifth installments, are two of the worst movies ever made. They move beyond the juvenile slapstick humor found in PART II to new levels of cringe-worthiness. The only sequel in the series that could be labelled a good movie is RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3. Instead of trying to match the original’s untouchable blend of horror and humor, it succeeds by playing it straight. This is a somber film about the lengths we will go to for love. But don’t be worried horror fans, this isn’t some art house zombie fare. It’s also a Brian Yuzna joint, which means plenty of rubber creatures running around and tearing chunks off of people.

Blu-ray Review: CHOPPING MALL (1986)

CHOPPING MALL has finally been unleashed on blu-ray via Lionsgate’s “Vestron Video Collector’s Series.” Out of all the titles so far announced, this was the one I was eagerly waiting for…and did Lionsgate deliver! This is the release fans have been hoping for and an shining example of Lionsgate finally treating their catalogue with the love and respect it deserves.

Key Art Round-Up: September 22nd, 2016

It’s time for another set of Blu-ray covers for your eyeballs. The one trend I noticed with this set is that a couple of these are sticking to classic key art. While it’s always a delight to see what artist come up with for new key art (one case in point you’ll see in this post), it is nice to see something like Vestron Video keeping the classic box art alive for their Blu-r

ScreamCast 111: Vestron Video Rises From The Grave!

Lionsgate has resurrected the long dead Vestron Video label in order to bring us their Vestron Video Collector’s Series of newly remastered genre films. So far they’ve announced CHOPPING MALL, BLOOD DINER, WAXWORK/WAXWORK II, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD III & C.H.U.D. II: BUD THE CHUD. Justin Beahm joins us to discuss these flicks and the potential of the Vestron Video Collector’s Series.

WAXWORK/WAXWORK II: LOST IN TIME! is Next From Vestron Video!! Details and Art!!

  News regarding the Vestron Video Collector’s Series is coming in fast. Now we have info and art on #5 in the series: the Blu-ray double feature of WAXWORK (as we announced last week, in it’s 100 minute UNCUT glory!) and WAXWORK II: LOST IN TIME. Fangoria are the ones who announced the details this […]

RUMOR: RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 Blu-ray Will Be Uncut Version!

File this under rumor for right now, but we have an update on one of the films Lionsgate plans to release under its new Vestron Video Collector’s Series. Word has it that RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 will be presented on Blu-ray in its uncut form!

More Vestron Titles Coming! WAXWORK 1/2, CHUD 2, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 Confirmed!

Yesterday we heard about CHOPPING MALL and BLOOD DINER getting blu-ray releases as part of Lionsgate’s Vestron Collector’s Editions. Today we’re hearing rumors of a handful more titles!

Lionsgate Announces The Vestron Video Collector’s Series!! CHOPPING MALL and BLOOD DINER Blu-ray Details Revealed!

We knew for some time that Lionsgate were (finally!) opening up their vaults to release some classic horror films to Blu-ray. And we also knew that CHOPPING MALL and BLOOD DINER were going to be the first in line. But I don’t think anyone expected this!

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