Screamcast 142: My Chauffeur Is Nurse Sherri And She Touches My Genie

Another epic Vinegar Syndrome episode is here! Rob Hunter from joins us and we welcome Stephanie Crawford into the Screamcast Family. Josh Obershaw joins in for the News and BJ Colangelo joins the party late to discuss 11 pieces of smut! Films covered are: My Chauffer, Snapshot, Nurse Sherri, Red Roses of Passion, Touch Of Genie and much much more!

Screamcast 138: Bring Your Red Mob For Some Sweet Sugar

This episode Sarah Jane (@fookthis) takes a break from her Girl Gang’s #PJPajamaPartyMassacre and joins us to discuss a handful of Vinegar Syndrome releases including DOUBLE EXPOSURE, SWEET SUGAR, RED MOB, MALIBU HIGH, THE HEARSE & more! Josh Obershaw also returns with the news and we also make some time for The Back Room.

Halfway To Black Friday’s Vinegar Syndrome Buying Guide For 2017

Here we go again. If you listen to our show or visit our site often you will already know we suck the dicks of Vinegar Syndrome. Vinegar Syndrome is totally my bag. They do amazing work on each and every release and they have never done a shoddy job. Now, their films may not be […]

Screamcast 131: All Up In Our Vinegar Syndrome

This week Brad, BJ and Sean cover the past 3 months of Vinegar Syndrome insanity! The following films are discussed (in no particular order): Witchtrap, Slaughterhouse, Blood Mania, Point Of Terror, Babyface, China Girl, Don’t Answer The Phone, Blue Money. Josh Obershaw also runs down some upcoming releases.

Vinegar Syndrome to Release PSYCHO COP 2 in April!

The good folks at our sponsor, Vinegar Syndrome, have set a release date and revealed the details of their upcoming Blu-ray of Adam Rifkin’s PSYCHO COP RETURNS, aka PSYCHO COP 2.

SplatterDay’s EditHORRORial with Mike D!…and a Vinegar Syndrome Exclusive(s)!

First up, a big, juicy, gore-filled CONGRATULATIONS to Sean, Brad, BJ, Josh, and the extended ScreamCast family for three years of liking movies for “what they are” and referencing a certain “The Burning” episode so often. I kid y’all but producing a timely show on the regular is no small feat, especially when varied geographic locations (and timezones…and drinking schedules) are taken into consideration. Really, you all rock and you’re doing great work for the horror community and physical media community at large; You’re keeping the conversation around genre cinema alive. Your shows stimulate folks around the world and fan fires across all the social media platforms. Don’t ever let that fire die.

Vinegar Syndrome Letting PSYCHOS IN LOVE Loose on Blu-ray!

While I was trying to make the most out the fact that I was spending Valentine’s Day single, I totally forgot that our sponsor Vinegar Syndrome delivered a reveal that day to fans on their Facebook page.

Vinegar Syndrome’s March Lineup Revealed and Up for Pre-Order!

  Our sponsor, Vinegar Syndrome, has finalized their release slate for the third month of 2017, and you can pre-order it all directly from the label. The big title in the March lineup will be Kevin Tenney’s 1989 horror flick, WITCHTRAP, making it another Linnea Quigley gem that joins the Vinegar collection. The rest of […]

ScreamCast 124: All The Sins Of Sodom Bring Death Machines and an Undertaker

The ScreamCast returns with a vengeance! Our first show of 2017 brings in Brandon & James from Vinegar Syndrome to discuss their fantastic growth in 2016, as well as what we can expect for 2017. Josh Obershaw brings us Blu-ray Release News, and Brad & Sean spend some time going over the Vinegar Syndrome December package as well as their special Black Friday Limited Edition releases: The Undertaker, All The Sins Of Sodom and Jack Frost.

ScreamCast 121: A Deathrow Gameshow Full Of Hobgoblins And Nightmare Sisters

BJ Colangelo returns just in time for our Vinegar Syndrome Extravaganza! We dive into the September & October packages to discuss HOBGOBLINS, DEATHROW GAMESHOW, 3 Linnea Quigley flicks, COUNT DRACULA’S GREAT LOVE & much more!

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