It’s More than Just a Movie: The Legacy of ‘The Last House on the Left’

Fear is assumed in horror. Moreover, fear is an expectation. Fear, by even the most layman filmgoer, is intrinsically tied to the definition of what a horror film is.

To broadcast to your potential audience that your film is ‘only a movie’, is to suggest something more than fear. The unnerving concern, it would seem, is that you’ll walk away… different. Changed, somehow.

That is, unless you can convince yourself that what you witnessed was simply fiction.

But, still… can you?

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ScreamCast 118: In The Dead End Drive-In With Brian Trenchard-Smith

Brian Trenchard-Smith joins us to talk about Arrow Video’s fantastic release of DEAD END DRIVE-IN. We also discuss his career from BMX BANDITS, HAPPY FACE MURDERS to his newest film DRIVE HARD. Also on the agenda is our What’s On Your Doorstep segment and Josh Obershaw returns with Blu-ray News!

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The Fan Grieving Process

Growing older, one will see the loss of more and more loved ones, whether family or friends. As fans, we also are witness to the loss of beloved entertainers, with more and more impactful ones happening as time goes by. For many of us, films from the 70’s and 80’s were what molded us into the horror fans that we are today. The stars of these films sadly aren’t immortalized at the time of those films heydays, so eventually they too shuffle loose this mortal coil. And unlike in the film FINAL GIRLS, there is no going into the film to save them.

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ScreamCast 75: Completely Craven

Wes Craven is a huge cornerstone in the building blocks of our history with Horror films. His impact on the genre is undeniable and with his passing over the weekend, we have lost a legend. Today we pay tribute to Wes Craven and discuss our personal connections with him and his films.

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ScreamCast Lists: Top Wes Craven Films

Around Episode 11 of the ScreamCast Podcast, Brad Henderson had the idea that we all contribute “Top 5” or “Top 10” lists during the show. Until now, we haven’t posted them because we wanted them fresh for the episode. From now on, we will take those top lists, remove the duplicate titles and post an all inclusive “Top List.”

On Episode 11, John Portanova (The Invoking) was our special guest and we covered Wes Craven’s insane DEADLY BLESSING. Here is our list of Top Wes Craven Films*.

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