Horror Down Under: WOLF CREEK (2005)

If you asked any Australian what their favourite Aussie horror film would be, I guarantee you that the first answer would be WOLF CREEK. If you have seen the film, it’s not hard to understand why that is. Before the film was released in 2015, Australian horror films were basically dead at the cinema. Sure there were some still being made but they were few and far between and they sadly a lot of them didn’t do well either critically or commercially. When WOLF CREEK was finally released in Australia after being played at both the Sundance and Cannes Film Festivals, it became an instant box office hit that was praised from both Aussie critics and audiences. Although when he film was released in the rest of the world, the reaction was definitely mixed to negative (legendary critic Roger Ebert gave the film a ZERO star rating in his review and it’s one of the only few films to receive a F rating from Cinema Score). While I definitely understood the negative reaction that he film has received but for me personally, I think it’s one of the best horror films made in this century so far. When I first saw the film back in 2005, it absolutely floored me. Seriously while I was watching it, my heart was pounding in my chest the entire time over how terrifying it was. I’ve seen the film many times over the years and it’s still just as intense today as it was when it came out 12 years ago. There’s a lot of reasons why I think the film works as well as it does overall and I believe it’s all due to one man: writer/director Greg McLean, who made his directional debut with this film.

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