The Zombie Chronicles: A Tribute to George A. Romero

When I was 19 I filled a large section of a college ruled notebook with a zombie epic that was as terribly written as it was derivative of other people’s work. It was cliched, hackneyed but, dammit, it was something I cared deeply about.

It was called THE ZOMBIE CHRONICLES (Yah, I know…) and it was the first long form effort I had ever made in writing. I stayed in every night for months writing it. I skipped out on parties, hang outs, dates, and every imaginable teenage social obligation just to complete this novella I was so sure would catapult me to a career as a respected author.

ScreamCast 120: Burial Grounds, Parking Garages & Fake Pet Snakes

This week Sean and Brad discuss Severin’s release of BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHT OF TERROR (1981). Also, we bring back two favorite segments: Stream Screams & VHS: OH MY GOD!

Severin’s Blu-ray of BURIAL GROUND Coming Out Oct. 25th! Bundle Pack Now Up for Pre-Order!

Announced earlier this year, Severin Film’s Blu-ray of BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHTS OF TERROR is set for release on October 25th! The disc will have a 2K restoration of Andrea Bianchi’s 1981 Italian zombie cult classic, as well as new bonus features, which we’ll get to on the next episode of The ScreamCast. But the good news doesn’t end there, as Severin are giving fans of this, the most bat-shit weird of the early-80s zombie flicks from Italy, something extra special.

Details Revealed for Severin’s DOCTOR BUTCHER, M.D. Blu-ray!!!

Earlier this month, we gave you a little sneak peek at what Severin Films had in store for us Blu-ray collectors for the rest of 2016. Today, some big news came in regarding one of those titles. Severin unveiled the details of their upcoming release of DR. BUTCHER, M.D. A 2-disc set, the film will be made available on July 26th!


Code Red has been rolling out Blu-ray title announcements like it’s nobody’s business. With so many, it’s almost hard to keep up.
One that I’m sure that will excite horror fans is the 1983 film, ZEDER, released here in the United States as REVENGE OF THE DEAD. This Italian flick was directed by Pupi Avati, and stars Gabriele Lavia as a journalist who uncovers a story about a scientist’s attempts to revive the dead, and those who try to continue his work. Anne Canovas and Paula Tanziani co-star.

BURIAL GROUND: THE NIGHTS OF TERROR Receives Restoration Treatment From Severin!

Severin Films has announced a “very special edition of a very special film…” That film is the 1981 Italian zombie fave, BURIAL GROUND, aka THE NIGHTS OF TERROR. Directed by Andrea Bianchi, this is not only one of the more atmospheric of the early-80s undead movies, but it’s also one of the more bizarre, too. It was previously released on DVD by Shriek Show in 2002.

Island Of The Living Dead (2006) & Zombies: The Beginning (2007) [DVD Review]

Italian genre cinema is something I didn’t quite understand once I started discovering movies outside the confines of my normal comfort zone. I remember discovering Lucio Fulci with his 1979 classic ZOMBIE and being perplexed at how Fulci could blatantly borrow from other films, but also bring us one of the most iconic scenes in horror (Zombie Vs Shark, people). As I delved further into Italian genre cinema (mostly Fulci: The Beyond, City Of The Living Dead, Conquest) I discovered these filmmakers had no problem straddling the line between homage and blatant rip-off. Which leads us to Bruno Mattei.

ScreamCast01: TerrorVision/The Video Dead

Welcome to the first episode of The ScreamCast! This episode your hosts Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson dive into Scream Factory‘s double feature release of TerrorVision and The Video Dead.

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